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Discover a brand new fantasy epic steeped in the rich mythology of Celtic traditon, by Piper E McDermot.

"A Butterfly Effect that begins at home, ultimately producing the winds of change that shape a world."



A few bits of flash fiction. Writing to a specific prompt and keeping it under 1000 words has forced the creativity cogs to start turning again. It’s also challenging and refreshing to step outside your normal comfort zones when it comes to genre, tense, and PoV – I’d highly recommend it as an exercise for any writer.

There’s a blog post here with more on the art, craft and benefits of short-story writing.

Lucky (The prompt: old worn-out socks)

Silent Witness  (The prompt:  Sphinx)

Thandeka and the Tokoloshe (The prompt:  a story for children age 8-11 yrs)

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