Ultimate Boat Bread

  After posting about this nut and seed loaf on Facebook and Insta this morning, I had a lot of requests for the recipe, so here we go!  Now that I have my teeny weeny gas oven in my tiny kitchen, it’s baking time :) This recipe is easy, vegan, and gluten free IF you … More Ultimate Boat Bread

Surfing Selfies

Mucking about in or on the water is what I love to do when not writing. This was our first family effort at video making – more enthusiasm than skill! As part of a completely different project, I’m going to have to upgrade my skills in the filming and editing of video footage. Head on … More Surfing Selfies

Keep Your Shorts On!

I won’t deny it – like the writers mentioned in this post, I’m not much for short stories, although as a kid, I loved Roald Dahl’s collection of creepy tales. As reader and writer, big books are my comfort zone, but I do agree that writing short stories/flash is a great way to stretch yourself, and I’ve read … More Keep Your Shorts On!

Expectation & Desire : Cultivating Fans, Not Just “Readers”

I’ve been thinking – who is this site really for? In the short-term, it’s another of those ‘must have’ items on a writer’s list, along with Facebook author page, book page, Twitter, Google+ and all the other means of cyber-connection that build online ‘platforms’. Medium term, hopefully I can attract a few writing buddies and friendly … More Expectation & Desire : Cultivating Fans, Not Just “Readers”

In the beginning…

Piper set out on the quest to create that magical, mysterious thing known as an online platform. Since this is really a test post to kick-start my foray into the blogging world, how about I just add a pretty picture for you to enjoy, from the master, Jim Fitzpatrick. Well … it’s probably just me that will enjoy it … More In the beginning…