Do you remember your First?

Do you remember your First?

The first time we do or experience something completely new, it’s usually memorable – for better or worse! (Ahem…nuff said.)
Today, this is my first experience of being interviewed, so in my world it rates as pretty exciting :) I met the lovely Dyane Forde via the Authonomy writers’ development site – she’s a fantasy author herself, with published works of short and novel length fiction, and is assistant editor of The Woven Tale Press magazine.

Thank you, Dyane for making this first such fun for me!
*She’s like that, Dyane – a lovely lady who reaches out to others with warmth, empathy and humour. *

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Today, I am excited beyond words to introduce to youPiper E McDermot. We met a while ago through the reader-reviewer service known as Authonomy. Piper’s writing is truly some of the most beautiful, visual and sensory I’ve read in ages. But more than that, Piper is a beautiful and humble human being, and getting to know her made me appreciate her writing more. What follows is a reflection of a thoughtful, wonderful soul, fascinating in every way. I quite appreciated her smart and wise thoughts on writing as well. So pull up a seat, and settle in to meet this fabulous writer. 

Piper! I’m so glad you agreed to talk with us today. Can you tell us about yourself? 

Can I first say thank you for this opportunity, Dyane?  You were one of the first to ever read and crit some of my chapters…

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