Expectation & Desire : Cultivating Fans, Not Just “Readers”

I’ve been thinking – who is this site really for?

In the short-term, it’s another of those ‘must have’ items on a writer’s list, along with Facebook author page, book page, Twitter, Google+ and all the other means of cyber-connection that build online ‘platforms’.

Medium term, hopefully I can attract a few writing buddies and friendly supporters to visit. But over the long-term (really long-term, I know!) I want this to be the place where fans – book fans – come to delve deeper into the worlds I create.  A place where they can get to know who is behind the stories.

Wildly, foolishly optimistic? Sure.  But if I wasn’t, I probably would never have started on this journey in the first place, and my books would never see the light of day. So I was delighted to find this post on Kristen Lamb’s blog today Expectation & Desire—Cultivating Fans, Not Just “Readers”. Readers – of books and blogs – really do want to feel a personal connection.

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