In the beginning…

Piper set out on the quest to create that magical, mysterious thing known as an online platform.

Since this is really a test post to kick-start my foray into the blogging world, how about I just add a pretty picture for you to enjoy, from the master, Jim Fitzpatrick.

Well … it’s probably just me that will enjoy it until I work out how to nab followers, but you know, acorns to oak trees.

This image is entitled Diarmuid and Grainne – and it’s even quite relevant, as this Celtic tale has all the elements that I love about the mythology that inspired my book – love, crazy passion, adventure and tragedy.  One day, I might even be able to afford to hire Jim to do the cover art for my books.  Never stop dreaming….


diarmud and grainne2

Give it a click for a full view of all the glorious, intricate details.



2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. welcome :)

    If you think setting up was tricky wait til you start obsessively checking stats, feeling guilty after three days without a post, trawling for that perfect photo… :) Its fun!

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